If you’re like most people, the thought of shelling out $6000-10000 of cash on a new system makes you shudder a little.  We don’t blame you for that, so we’ve decided to offer a few different financing solutions that will get you the system you need without sapping your rainy day fund. Many times the money you save on utilities can offset the monthly payment.

Below are a few options to consider:

No interest for 12 months: As long as your balance is paid in full by the end of the 12 month period, you get to borrow the bank’s money for free. Many people use this option when they are expecting an inheritance, a tax refund or even if they have the money but would rather space out the payments just in case of an unexpected event.

5.99% with 3% Payments: This great interest rate is available along with monthly payments of 3% of the financed amount until the balance is paid off.  So for instance, if you finance a system for $8,000, your monthly payments of 3% will be $240 with 5.99% interest until the balance is zero.

7.99% with 2.5% Payments: Same as above, but the same $8000 system is now financed for $200 per month.

9.99% with 1.25% Payments: This option provides the most flexibility. Now this same system can be financed for a monthly payment of just $100. You are also able to pay more than the minimum payment and can pay the system off at any time with no penalty.

6.99% for 10 Years: This financing is through SMUD. You would need to be financing a system for a home in the SMUD service area. The great thing about this financing is that you do not have to live in the home where the system is installed. This is a great option for landlords wanting to finance a new system. Restrictions and minimum efficiency standards do apply however. The same $8000 system financed for 10 years under this program would have a payment of approximately $93 per month.

We also offer discount incentives for our cash buyers. Call us for details!

Besides these options, Simply Heating and Air also accepts all major credit cards. Many people find they are able to get great introductory rates in addition to extra points by using a promotional credit card to make their purchase.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have questions about any of these options.